Man: Video game inspired teen blood rituals

The 21-year-old faces numerous charges

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(CNN/WTAE) – A young man in Pennsylvania is accused of having sex with minors and actually drinking their blood.

The 21-year-old faces numerous charges, in a case that has the small community cringing in shock.

Jonathan Ryan Davis stayed inside his home Tuesday, not saying much when we showed up for his side of the story.

Reporter Beau Berman “You just don’t want to say anything to defend yourself, or?”

Jonathan Ryan Davis “No.”

Reporter Beau Berman “you can’t tell us whether any of that stuff is true?”

Jonathan Ryan Davis “no.”

Vandergrift police say Davis had sex with a *14 year old* girl in this church, charging him with statutory sexual assault. He’s also charged with simple assault and corruption of minors for allegedly having three minors – two girls and one boy – perform some type of “blood-letting”.

Officer Joe Gray told WTAE “Where they would cut their own wrist and subsequently the actor would take their blood into his mouth and vice versa he would slice his wrist and have the juveniles do the same to him.”

Officer Joe Gray says he’s never worked a case quite like this in his 22-year career. He says Davis explained the bloodletting as a carryover from a South Korean based fantasy computer game called “mabinogi”.

Linda Aiello told WTAE, I personally think it’s sick, obviously.”

Davis’ next-door described seeing him even recently. “Oh I’d see him, oh, at least once a week. “Well he was gothic no doubt, you know he was definitely gothic,” said Aiello

It all happened in 2014 and came to light in January of this year, when a Kiski area schools resource officer notified Vandergrift police.

Now long-time Vandergrift residents are left in dismay after learning of these bizarre allegations.

Alan Mikula told WTAE, “This is a quiet little town and to have something like that happen just seems very unusual.”

Police say the suspect admitted to the sex and the blood-letting during questioning in January.

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