Girl Scouts turn down $100K donation

Benefactor didn’t support transgender girls

(KING) – The Girl Scouts of Western Washington said it was an easy decision to make. “When we talk about including all girls, we mean all girls,” said spokeswoman Stefanie Ellis.

Several weeks ago the Scouts received a donation of $100,000. It was nearly 25 percent of the organization’s annual goal. “This doesn’t happen very often,” said Ellis. “$100,000 is a very big chunk of change. We were ecstatic.”

Then came the bad news. That benefactor wrote a follow-up letter, apparently in response to the Caitlyn Jenner transgender drama. “They didn’t want the money to go to support transgender girls,” said Ellis.

The Scouts were faced with a difficult decision. They could send back all that money, enough to send 500 low-income girls to camp, or comply with the donor’s demand.

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