Eversource customers will save more money through end of 2015

Eversource customers will save an avg. of $22/mo thanks to lower supply rates

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – From shoveling, to snowy commutes, to heating your home, it’s safe to say it was a rough winter in western Massachusetts. 22News shared your stories in continuing coverage of historically high energy supply rates. Customers recalled how tough it was to budget.

“Your job doesn’t give you more money to pay for bills like that, so you just have to scrimp and save somewhere else,” said Leslie Phaneuf from West Springfield.

But the temperatures have finally gone up, and your electric prices are going down. Effective July 1st, the Eversource Basic Service rate for residential customers goes from about 14 cents per-kilowatt-hour to less than 10 cents. So what does that mean for you? Take a look at your bill.

If you’re an Eversource customer who uses the average 500 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, you can expect your bill to go from about $121 down to $99 — about $22 in savings every month. And you can save even more depending how energy efficient your home is. Priscilla Ress of Eversource told 22news bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to air conditioners. Measure the room and buy the right sized unit. She also recommended filling your fridge.

“When the door opens, if there is space in there that has to be re-cooled. If you fill it, not overfill it and fill in those gaps, that may make your refrigerator not only work more efficiently but save you money,” Ress added.

By regulation, energy companies must go to open market every six months to shop for the lowest bid, so these rates are effective through the end of this year.

For more information on how to make your home more energy efficient this summer, click here.

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