Health insurers receive their own bills from Affordable Care Act

Carriers have 30 days to pay or dispute their bills

Image: Thinkstock

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Health insurance providers across the commonwealth Tuesday learned about how the Affordable Care Act will impact their rates, and you.

Risk adjustment is one of the ways the Affordable Care Act allows for people with pre-existing conditions to be granted coverage and pay regular premiums.

Tuesday, carriers received Health Connector bills that showed whether they’ll receive or owe money to the risk adjustment pool. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO Blue will receive close to $50-million. Health New England will owe $2.6 million.

Jim Kessler of Health New England told 22News the system needs to be more region-based. “We are very concerned our consumers in western Massachusetts are paying the freight for the rest of the commonwealth.”

Carriers have 30 days to pay or dispute their bills, but not to dispute how the system works. Kessler said they’re doing everything they can to continue providing affordable coverage, but this really complicates the process.

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