“Church of Cannabis” will worship without weed

A large mural covers one wall, a take on Michelangelo's "Creation of Man"

(WTHR) – The First Church of Cannabis announced Monday it will host its first service in Indianapolis, Indiana Wednesday without the use of cannabis.

The church’s leader, Bill Levin, put stickers identifying the church on the mailbox Monday. Inside, a large mural covers one wall, a take on Michelangelo’s “Creation of Man.”

“God handing cannabis to man,” Levin remarks. He calls himself “The Grand Poobah and first minister of love for the first church of cannabis.”

But just days before Wednesday’s first service, Levin says there will not be pot smoking here as planned.

“Due to the threat of police action against our religion I feel it is important to celebrate life’s great adventure in our first service without the use of cannabis,” Levin said in a Facebook post. “The police dept. has waged a display of shameless misconceptions and voluntary ignorance.”

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