Warwick firefighters building station using no tax dollars

Future plans to expand garage to include police department

WARWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Warwick firefighters are building a brand new garage to house all six of the town’s fire trucks.

The Firemen’s Association isn’t using any taxpayer dollars to fund this project. They’re using 15 years of savings, raised by donations and town barbecues. Warwick Fire Chief Ronald Gates told 22News, “The town doesn’t have the money to afford to raise the taxes anymore. We tried to go through grants.” However, with a population of fewer than 800 people, they didn’t qualify for any grants.

One of the reasons why they are building a brand new garage is because most of their trucks can’t even fit in their existing garage. In fact, some of the town’s fire trucks are parked in different parts of the town.

“We’ve got a couple of people (working on the project) who aren’t firefighters. My nephew is helping us out and Ron’s former partner, Dan, is helping us out and we’re a really good construction crew, despite the fact that we kind of just pulled ourselves together,” said Bill Lyman, a firefighter for the Warwick Fire Department.

So far, they’ve raised about $100,000. Fire Chief Ronald Gates told 22News that they want to have the garage completed before winter, and that they also have plans to expand the garage to include the police department in the future.

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