Grizzly bear encounter caught on camera

(CNN) – A Montana family picked up a dangerous wanna-be hitchhiker on their way back from Yellowstone National Park. A grizzly bear jumped onto the family’s car. The whole experience was caught on camera.

A rare bear encounter – one Montana family sat face to face with a grizzly.

“They were just grazing mostly on the grass and weren’t bothering anybody. Then one of the bears decided to check out one of the cars across the street and he did. Then he dropped down and bee-lined right for our vehicle.”

David Peters says the experience behind a few inches of glass was really more exciting than scary.

“It was really scary for me and my wife. We’d seen bears before. The bears didn’t show any sign of aggression, they were more curious than anything else.”

But what the camera doesn’t show: Peters was outside of the vehicle, snapping pictures of the bears. As one bear came toward the vehicle, Peters snuck around the back like this and hopped in the back seat.

“I was kinda playing this which way is he going with the bears. It’s 5 seconds of inattention that was really not good. It could’ve been disastrous if that bear had come straight for me instead of the front of the car like he did.”

A lucky break – Peters walked away from the incident with only a few minor scratches on his car, and an unforgettable memory caught on camera.

“I asked my friend’s daughter, Elise, if she thought she’d have nightmares over the whole thing and she said ‘Are you kidding? This is the best day of my life ever!”

Peters’ car still has the scratch marks and mud smears from the bears paws. For now – he says his wife won’t let him wash the evidence of the story away.

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