Firefighter pepper sprays baby, assaults wife’s new boyfriend

When police showed up firefighter Charles Edelen was reportedly holding a gun to his head

(CNN) – A Clarksville firefighter is accused of assaulting his estranged wife’s boyfriend, and pepper spraying the baby his wife had with that man.

When police show up to this neighborhood late Tuesday night, Clarksville firefighter Charles Edelen was reportedly holding a gun to his head.

There’s a story behind the story. But events leading up to that moment started much earlier.

A police Report says Charles Edelen and his wife Samantha Edelen had separated and during that time she had a baby with another man – Darius Henderson. The three made plans for Tuesday night, to have drinks at Charles Edelen’s house and discuss the child.

The report states Henderson arrived while the Edelens were arguing about Samantha’s inappropriate clothing. Charles told police she was “wearing her panties and a shirt.” Charles later told police Samantha “invited Darius to another location in the home.”

As the arguing continued, the report states “Charles sprayed the side of Samantha’s face with pepper spray,” and “as Darius was sprayed in the face with pepper spray so was his infant daughter.”

The confrontation then moved outside where Edlen tackled Darius and “struck him in the face multiple times.”

Larry Wilder, the lawyer for the Clarksville firefighter says if Darius Henderson had left when he was asked at the start of the argument, Edelen never would have been arrested for battery, criminal recklessness, and public intoxication.

“When you have a man whose wife he’s not divorced from yet is in his home with her boyfriend and the child that she has given birth to that is the boyfriend’s, there’s a lot of stress there I’m sure and when that person refuses to leave your home, I’m sure that created more stress.”

Someone nearby heard the fighting and called 911. That’s also when that neighbor told police he observed Edelen contemplating suicide.

“The allegations that have been made are very serious and they’re very uncharacteristic of Chuck Edelen.”

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