Cat adoption weekend at Dakin Humane Society

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – This is Cat Adoption weekend at the Dakin Humane Society Shelters in Western Massachusetts.

They came to spend five dollars for the pleasure of taking home one of the adult cats. As soon as the door opened to the Dakin shelter on Union Street, their eyes started making contact with the dozens of cats needing a good home.

“We have a bunch of kitties here that have been waiting for homes for quite awhile,” said Dakin Director of Operations Karina King. “So we’re trying to encourage people to take some of these cats home.”

For Christina Mortali of Northampton, this day at Dakin provided her with a memorable match.

“I’m a witch and I’m looking for a spiritual guide. And I had a dream about it, so I went online for a cat, and I learned there of the five dollar deal, everything aligned perfectly now, she’s mine,” said Mortali.

For many it was love at first sight. Animal lovers with a five dollar bill found Saturday’s Dakin visit the bargain of a lifetime.

“Well we came last Saturday to get one, but we didn’t have money at that time,” said Tori Slattery of Northampton. “But now we have money we’re ready so we came to pick one out.”

For those of you who wish you would have known about the adopt-a-cat for five dollars earlier, don’t be disheartened. You’ll be happy to know the Dakin adoption program continues Sunday. And when the doors open just past noon, you’ll find eager to be adopted felines, for whom, bonding with a loving family, is something that’s long overdue.

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