Trans fat alternatives that add flavor

FDA ruled the oils were not "generally recognized as safe"

(CNN) – Trans fats will soon be out. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil which make up trans fats, was touted years ago as an alternative to cut out cholesterol and natural fats from our everyday foods.

However, studies found they clogged up our hearts, and were dangerous to our health. So dangerous, the government intends to ban trans fats from American diets.

So what can cooks use to make their foods creamy and tasty? Nutritionists recommend healthy options like oils taken from canola, corn and soybean. Other options, though not as healthy, are products high in saturated fat; such as palm and cottonseed oil.

Some chefs turn to natural lard and butter to add flavor to their foods. They just recommend you use them in moderation.

Many manufacturers have already been taking trans fats out of their products. The best way to avoid trans fats right now is to read the labels until they’re removed completely.

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