“Severe technical issue” caused RMV services to go down

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Services at the branch offices of the Massachusetts RMV were unavailable for a couple of hours Friday morning, due to what the Massachusetts Department of Transportation called a “severe technical issue.”

Mass DOT confirmed the problem Friday morning on their official Twitter account, saying that members of their technical staff were working to resolve the problem. The department had originally estimated that the issue was expected to last most of the day, but it was fixed shortly before noontime.

Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack said that the outage also affected registry customers who access services at AAA locations, as well as insurance agents, and auto dealers.

The Registry has been doing upgrades to their computer servers in recent weeks, which had resulted in scheduled, temporary shutdowns of their online services. There is no word on whether Friday’s issue had anything to do with those upgrades.

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