Escaped NY convict Richard Matt shot, killed by police

Matt escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility

This May 20, 2015, file photo released by the New York State Police shows Richard Matt. Matt and accomplice David Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y. on June 6, 2015, and are still at large. Matt is among more than 160 state prison escapees nationwide who are listed as on the loose, The Associated Press found in a coast-to-coast survey. (New York State Police via AP)

MALONE, N.Y. (WIVB) — After New York State Police shifted their focus, pouring thousands of armed men into an area not far from the Canadian border, there have been reports of shots fired in Franklin County.

Following an exchange of gunfire Friday, police shot  and killed Richard Matt — one of two escaped murderers from Clinton Correctional Facility. Matt was attempting to carjack a camper in the area. Police reportedly are now chasing after David Sweat.

Reports suggest a Border Patrol Tactical Unit arrived first to the scene and fatally shot Matt. Border Patrol officers are among more than 1,100 uniformed officers who were in the county. Police reportedly are now chasing after David Sweat.

Multiple sources in Franklin County, where police focused their search over the past several days, say dozens of officers raced at speeds of near 100 miles per hour towards the location of the shooting.

Lines of armed officers have been pictured surrounding the area, prompting Favro to issue a vote of confidence for those officers.

“We’ll be there as long as we need to,” Favro said. “We lost visual sight of him…(Sweat) is dangerous.”

Police said Friday they found additional evidence which put them closer to finding the two escaped murderers. The new evidence placed the two men just north of Malone, a town which is just northwest of Dannemora, where they escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility. Malone, which is roughly 30 miles from the Clinton Correctional Facility, is just 11 miles from the Canadian border.

The strongest evidence, which police developed over a 21-day manhunt, followed the discovery of a broken into cabin in Franklin County. Police say that’s where the two killers found at least one weapon — potentially a shotgun — and armed themselves. Police on Friday said they discovered new, stronger evidence to force them to shift their focus north.

Although New York State Police Major Charles Guess didn’t elaborate on the new evidence, police said they were confident in the strength of the evidence. Reporters who questioned police in a Friday press conference asked about potential DNA found.

With Matt’s death, police turned their full attention to David Sweat, who reportedly still accompanied Matt. Sweat is considered armed and dangerous.

Former U.S. Marshall Pete Vroman spoke about the search for the killers as well as the death of one of them on Friday. (Courtesy of News10)

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