Hula hooping for fitness & fun!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Get your workout on and have fun at the same time!  Kimberly Knowlton from and she showed us Hula Hooping for Fun & Fitness

About Hula Hooping:
Hula hooping is a great, gentle form of exercise, and it’s great fun! It’s especially great for the core, but it can become an all body workout once you incorporate various tricks and technique. The actually number of calories burns seems to vary greatly, but the average “agreed upon” number seems to be about 7 calories per minute. This can depend upon the intensity and length of the workout of course, and weighted hoops help burn more. I would suggest starting out practicing for about 10-15 minutes per day and building up to a half hour or even an hour long practice (music definitely helps with the motivation).
Many adults say they “can’t” hula hoop before they even try. The real issue is that they are using a hoop that is far too small and/or lightweight. Adults need larger diameter and heavier hoops (especially when first starting out).

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