Future fathers take “Daddy Boot Camp”

The workshop helps first time fathers learn what to expect

(KUSA) – Babies don’t pop out with an owner’s manual, but Colorado’s Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is offering the next best thing. A three hour workshop called “Daddy Boot Camp” lets future first time fathers learn what to expect from veteran dads.

“This is like me on a Friday night when I need a beer,” said Mike Head, trying to feed a veteran dad’s baby a bottle. “Oh yeah. That’s the stuff,” he says as nine-week-old Dominick latches on to the bottle.

Dominick’s dad, Isaac Lopez went through this very same class a few months ago. Now he’s helping the instructor teach everything from feeding, changing and time management.

“If you are not home with your baby a lot, that time becomes more and more and more valuable,” said instructor Ronn Araki. “You are going to find yourself driving home just a little bit faster when the baby is here!”

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