Fashion rules: fact or myth?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – You can’t wear white after Labor Day. Our bag should match our shoes. Navy and black don’t go together. The “Fashion Dr.” Terry Standish from joins us to help weed through the most common fashion rules of “Fashion: Fact or Myth?”

What was considered fashion facts for years are now a myth:

You can’t wear white after Labor Day.
Our bag should match our shoes.
Navy and black don’t go together.
Don’t mix prints.
Silver and gold jewelry don’t match.

Even the most standard rules are not really black and white either:

Black makes you look thinner: Partial Fact
It depends on the fabric, fit and cut. Black doesn’t automatically make us look thinner. Throwing a heavy black tarp over a Victorian curvy couch doesn’t flatter the couch or make it look smaller but actually makes it look bigger. It’s the combination of the color, fabric and fit that gives the illusion of its size.

Wearing a belt gives you a waist: Partial Fact
If this was true then Santa would have a waist, right? It depends on the shape of the body and the belt. Since Santa is very round in the center he doesn’t have a waist and the belt only draws the eye to the largest part of his belly instead. If you do have a less predominate waist the right withe belt, in the right color and right placement will accentuate a waist.

Prints make you look bigger: Partial Fact
This depends on the size of print and colors used in the overall print and where the print lands on the body.

Petite people need to wear a shorter length skirt to look taller: Partial Fact
While a shorter skirt does shows more leg and can give the effect of being taller it is not the only way. A longer skirt in a monocratic color can also make you look taller as well.

You should only wear colors that are in your color pallet: Partial Fact
Anyone can wear any color outfit. The most helpful rule is to wear the most flattering colors closest to your face. By adding a scarf or accessory to a top half you can actually change that unflattering color to work for you.

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