Support services for Boston Marathon victims

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In April, 2015 Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance MOVA launched a comprehensive communication campaign to ensure that everyone who was adversely affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings are aware of free services available to them. Liam Lowney, Executive Director, Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance joined us with the details.

MOVA Services
As the second anniversary of the bombings passes -a key milestone in the recovery process-MOVA seeks to assure injured victims,
first responders, family and friends of victims and others that they are aware of their ongoing need for supportive services and
that these services will continue to be available.

Those seeking MOVA services may contact their web site at or call 844-878-MOVA

Promotional Consideration: MOVA; Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance

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