Residents upset about condition of Springfield park

15 year old Feroze Porter wrote to the city about issues he has seen in the park.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some of Springfield’s Upper Hill residents complain their park has been forgotten.  22News went to Adams Park to get a firsthand look at what’s going on there that has so many people upset.

Vandalism, neglect, or forgotten, whatever it is upper hill residents believe Adams Park deserves some attention from the city.  15 year old Feroze Porter wrote to the city about issues he has seen in the park.

The biggest issue he sees is the gaping hole in the slide that kids still try to use, but he also sees issues with adults drinking in the park and leaving broken glass, faded lines on the basketball court, and a dirty sprinkler system that kids play on.

He would also like to see the parks automatic light work at night to deter crime.

“I think that the city forgot about the park because it’s been like this for a while, and children play in it and they should have a safe nice place to play,” said Feroze Porter of Springfield.

“We average anywhere from 15 to 20,000 dollars in damages across the city and with 2800 acres of open space it’s not an unusual amount. But the best way we can do is as it happens we repair it,” said Springfield Park Director, Patrick Sullivan.

Sullivan said they are in the process of ordering the piece on the slide that was damaged, and within two weeks it should be repaired.  The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department has helped with cleaning up the park in the past.


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