Ex-offenders given second chance to turn life around

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A Hampshire County House of Correction program gives ex-offenders a second chance to straighten out their lives.

Joseph Morrison and his mother Novella Morrison embraced after the 11th annual “Re-entry” breakfast. Recognition for ex-offenders whose lives have been turned around by Sheriff Robert Garvey’s life skills training.

“People have an opportunity to leave here with a job, a house to live in, and that’s the whole secret of this re-entry program,” said Garvey.

The 41 year-old Morrison served 15 years for home invasion. He said all that is behind him now.

Morrison told 22News, “For the first time ever I value life, I value our community, and I’ve learned what self-love is, that was the void in my life.”

And as Novella Morrison saw her son honored during the re-entry back into society breakfast, she noted how far he had come since spending years in prison. “I give him his space, I don’t bother him, I just know that he’s out and living his life. He’s working six days a week, he’s taking care of his wife and children.”

During the 11 years of life skill training at the Hampshire County House of Correction, Sheriff Garvey counts dozens of success stories similar to Joseph Morrison making a new man of himself.

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