Confederate flag debate across the country

(CNN) – South Carolina’s state legislature will debate on whether to take down the Confederate battle flag on state capitol grounds. This as a historic shift to ban the divisive symbol is now sweeping the south.

States like Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia feeling the pressure to follow suit, and corporate America is also taking action.

Hundreds of protesters demanding the Confederate flag be removed Tuesday in the wake of the vicious murders at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, in the wake of the vicious murders at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

“Our ancestors were literally fighting to continue to keep human beings as slaves.”

Inside, South Carolina lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to allow debate on a bill to do just that. All except 10 lawmakers who dug in their heels, voting against it, and 10 who did not vote.

“I think the misuse and the miseducation of the flag has probably pushed it to this point.”

State Representative William Chumley says we shouldn’t let hate groups dictate how we feel.

“We are focusing on the wrong thing here. We need to be focusing on the nine families.”

Confederate flag images still prominent in a few states across the country may soon be no more.

“People are using this flag as a symbol of hatred.”

In Mississippi, where the Confederate battle flag is a part of the official state flag, the Speaker of Mississippi’s State House is calling for it to be removed. Georgia now weighing a redesign of state sponsored Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates featuring the flag. But governors in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia are already saying they’ll support pulling the plates from production entirely.

“Today I’m calling for actions to be taken for the removal of the Confederate Flag.”

This, as eBay, Amazon and WalMart among other big name retailers are banning the flag from their shelves.

“We just don’t want to sell products that makes anyone feel uncomfortable, and we felt like that was the case. This was the right thing to do.”

Meanwhile, a South Carolina military college, the Citadel, voted to remove the Confederate naval jack from their chapel to another campus location. The flag, flown on military naval vessels, has the same appearance as the Confederate battle flag.

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