One dead, nine wounded after gunman opened fire at Detroit block party

Hundreds of potential witnesses are refusing to talk to police

(NBC News) – One person is dead after a Detroit block party ended in tragedy.

Police said at least four hundred people were enjoying barbecue when a gunman opened fired and shot at least ten people in west Detroit Saturday.

The victims included men and women. The deceased was a 21-year-old man, police say.

Although there are several hundred potential witnesses to the crime, Detroit police say no one is talking to them about what happened.

Steve Dolunt, Detroit police assistant chief, said: “dare they have a good time on a Saturday. That’s what ticks me off, there are kids out here. I’m livid, and there is no excuse, there’s not any excuse as to why no one is not talking to us”

Police said they believe one man was the intended target of the shooting.

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