Mother meets daughter 52 years after she was given up for adoption

Judy said she was not nervous about the reunion since she and Mary talk so often.

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Reunions are joyous occasions and one Great Bend woman is having an extra sweet one this weekend.

“I’m so excited I’m just kind of beside myself,” said Judy Thornton in anticipation of here reunion with the daughter she gave up for adoption 52 years ago. “I can’t wait.”

On Saturday afternoon, the two finally met, and as you can see from the Judy Thornton and her daughter Mary.

“I was only sixteen and in high school when I became pregnant and she was born not too long after my seventeenth birthday and back then it wasn’t the thing if you were pregnant. You went away.”

Earlier this year Judy’s youngest son Jimmy helped her to find her daughter Mary. In April, Judy got a letter from Mary. They’ve been talking ever since.

“If she would have lived anywhere close we would have already been driving to meet each other but California is a little far.”

Judy said she waited so long to find Mary because she didn’t know if Mary would ever want to meet her. When Judy started to search for Mary, she found out that Mary had been trying to find her too.

“There have been many times where I think about her or have thought about her and wanted to try and find how to find her you know I didn’t know where to start.”

Judy said she was not nervous about the reunion since she and Mary talk so often.

“Because of having this slow, talking, writing letters, putting emotions on paper that’s helped, I just can’t wait to hold her and hug her.”

Judy and Mary finally met in person on Saturday for the first time.

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