“Jurassic World”

Rated PG-13 

2 hours 10 minutes 

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’onofrio

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – Here’s to bigger and better and more ferocious Dinosaurs. And whenever the Pentagon requires a new secret weapon, look no further than “Jurassic World” for the first genetically modified hybrid called Indominus Rex.

This spectacular but goofy popcorn movie could have used Steven Spielberg’s tasteful light touch, instead of the heavy handed melodramatics when Indominous first comes within range of the camera. And when he does the ruthless theme park manager wonders gleefully aloud If this attraction will scare the kids?

Oh yes, the kids. For whom this juvenile “Jurassic World” seems to have been made the target audience. Game warden Chris Pratt, the film’s nominal star, isn’t always staying one step ahead of the angry monster.

He slows down long enough to work his charming rapport with the less frightening Raptors, who know a tough drill sergeant when they see one. Before you know it, there goes Indominous on the war path again, and for good reason,

Having to share so much screen time with the annoying and obnoxious your stars, would be enough to irritate even the most mild mannered prehistoric monster.

The action is strictly by the numbers, without the inventive Steven Spielberg orchestrating this warmed over creature feature. “Jurassic World” goes from prehistoric to primitive with a measly 2 stars.

T-Rex and his cousins may look good in 3-D, but there’s no excuse for their human prey looking so one-dimensional.

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