Billboard refers to killed pedestrian as roadkill

(CNN) – “When I drive by, seeing that and it just hit me the wrong way,” Rhonda Hiler’s son, Daniel, died on Norris, “I can’t believe they would call people roadkill and I thought about my son and my son’s not roadkill.”

Hiler says her son didn’t have a chance to be seen and she wants the sign changed, “But to be called road kill is really disturbing.”

To improve safety, everyone has to watch out for each other, “You’ve got to be cautious. I don’t know why we’ve got so many people run over.”

As a bike-rider Steve Cook sees both riders and drivers who are not being safe, “That shouldn’t have happened. The signs need to be replaced, we need to make sure that we had something that would be memorable.”

“He was precious and he was my only son. I loved him a lot, I miss him. He was a good boy.  I would ask them to put something more decent up, and not be calling people roadkill.”

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