Lottery on for Massachusetts drivers after low number plates

Low number plates must be renewed every two years

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BOSTON (AP) — The lottery is on for Massachusetts drivers hoping to score a low number license plate for their ride.

Registrar of Motor Vehicles Erin Deveney said applications for the prized plated are available at the registry’s website and at branch locations.

Deveney said there’s a large pool of classic plates, including Z9, up for grabs this year.

Another 155 plates are part of this year’s lottery including: 650, 7X and L91. Each year about 6,000 applications are received from drivers seeking low number plates.

By law, applications must be postmarked by Aug. 21.

Low number plates must be renewed every two years.

Details of the drawing, date, time and location will be announced later this summer. Winners will be announced by Sept. 15 and be posted on the registry website.

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