Pet of the Week: Winky

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Meet Mass Appeal’s pet of the week!

Dakin Humane Society
171 Union Street, Springfield
(413) 781-4000

163 Montague Road, Leverett
(413) 548 – 9898

Name: Winky
Breed: Shorthair Mix
Age:  2 Months
Sex: Male
Color: Brown and Black

About Winky:
Winky is this week’s Pet of the Week for a very important reason…to let everyone know that Dakin has lots of kittens looking for homes right now!  We’re in the thick of kitten season, and we’ve got several young kittens – all adorable – in both our Springfield and Leverett adoption centers. Winky is as cute as they come! He is the purrfect mix of cuddly and playful, and in true kitten style, he does like to scamper around despite having been born with a problem with his left eye.  As with all Dakin feline adoptees, Winky comes with an assortment of essentials: rabies vaccine, leukemia testing, distemper/upper respiratory vaccine, worming, flea treatment, ear mite treatment, safety collar and ID, plus a Microchip.


Guardian Donors Needed – Every month of the year Dakin faces numerous pressures in caring for hundreds of animals, and in summertime we are extremely busy because of the onset of kitten and puppy season. More and more homeless animals will be brought to us, and the challenge is to provide great care and find them a new and loving home. Here’s how you can help…consider becoming a Guardian Donor with a monthly contribution to Dakin. Just by giving $10 a month you can help us stretch our resources. If you can do a little more, that’s wonderful, too!  We’re seeking 50 new Guardians by the end of the summer…won’t you join this elite team of Dakin supporters? To enroll click here.

Dakin is Hiring! — We’re looking for:

  • One full-time and one part-time Adoption Counselor (are you a problem solver?  Good!)
  • Two full-time Animal Care Specialists (are you the one person in your house who can pill the cat without getting mauled?)
  • A part-time Animal Caregiver (poop, fur, disinfectant, poop, and kitten cuddling).
  • A full-time tech in our Community Spay/Neuter Clinic (hint: we’d especially love it if you have experience as a surgical induction tech).

No table foods, moldy foods, poultry bones
No chocolate
No grapes & raisins
No alcoholic beverages
Be careful with ornaments, ribbons & tinsel
Holiday plants can be dangerous

If you’re interested in adopting any of the pets seen on Mass Appeal, or want more information on any of the pets available at the Dakin Humane Society, you can call them at 781-4000 or visit


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