Online identity protection begins with a strong password

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Protecting your identity online begins with a strong password. And not just one password. Experts say you need a different password for every account.

“I’ve already had my Facebook hacked into twice and my Twitter. It doesn’t seem like it’s very protected,” said Kelsey Yolish of Turners Falls.

Social media, e-mail, banks, retirement accounts, gaming, the lists goes on…But who can remember all those passwords?

A website called Last Pass can, they encrypt and store your passwords using a master password, but they recently announced ‘suspicious activity’ on their servers.

With all the technologically advanced options you have to store your passwords, perhaps the most secure way is to just write them all down on an old fashioned white piece of paper.

“If you glance at it for two seconds and then have no idea what it what, it is a reasonably secure password. Nice and long. Letter and number, uppercase and lowercase and symbols,” said YES Computers Service Technician Tony Russell-Smith.

“You hear all the time that you should be doing all the different combinations of special characters, letter and numbers. I’m probably guilty of using the same password more often than not. I try not to tell people that and that’s probably as secure as I get,” said Aliyah Sarro-Schwartz of Ashfield.

Make your email password the hardest of all, since it’s often a gateway to resetting passwords on other accounts.

Make sure to protect your cell phone with a passcode, or better yet, fingerprint ID technology.

YES Computers in Northampton told 22News be careful of password managers that use cloud technology.

A cloud is really just another hard drive set up somewhere else, that could be vulnerable to a breach.

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