DA: Ware police followed proper procedures prior to deadly crash

Medical examiner found Dean Latulippe of Barre had BAC well above the legal limit

WARE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Northwestern District Attorney’s office says that Ware police followed proper procedures when pursuing a driver who later died when his car flipped over. First Assistant District Attorney Steven Gagne released a statement Thursday morning, following the completion of the investigation into the death of 26 year-old Barre resident Dean Latulippe.

Gagne says that during the early morning hours of September 6, 2014, Ware Police Sgt. Sean Crevier tried to pull Latulippe over for speeding on West Street (Route 32). Instead of stopping though, Latulippe sped onto Main Street, and then turned onto South Street. Gagne says that Sgt. Crevier initially tried to follow Latulippe, but called off the pursuit on South Street as the suspect reached “dangerously high speeds.”

According to Gagne, investigators determined Latulippe had been traveling at more than 80 miles per hour before he lost control of his car making a left-hand turn on West Warren Road. He went over a steep embankment, sending the car airborne before it landed on its roof. Latulippe was thrown from the vehicle.

Sgt. Crevier arrived in the area moments after the crash, and it was determined that Latulippe died at the accident site.

An examination by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner found that Latulippe’s blood alcohol level was well beyond the legal limit. That fact, combined with the high speed at which he was traveling was determined to be the cause of the crash.

Gagne says that Sgt. Crevier properly pursued Latulippe, and made the correct decision to end the pursuit once speeds became too high.

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