Warmer weather brings out the bugs

Warmer temperatures during the day and night help to keep insects active.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that the weather is warming up the bugs are coming out. 22News is working for you with what insects you should be on the look out for.

Summer is only a few days away and this is typically the time of year insects become more active.

Now that we’ve had some rain and temperatures are warming up you may have noticed an increase in the bug population. Warmer temperatures during the day and during the night help to keep insects active.

“Well this time of year now we’re starting our focus on ticks and mosquitoes. Because the mosquito populations are about to go up. We’ve had some rain we’re going to have stable temperatures so those habitats are ready to go mosquito development has been on the rise over the last three weeks,” said Bob Russell of American Pest Solutions.

Russell says it’s a good idea to try and eliminate standing water near your home because it’s a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. He also said this year they saw about a 50 percent increase in carpenter ants and carpenter bees over May of last year.

Also mosquitoes tend to be more active around dusk so you may want to put on bug repellent if you plan on be out during the evening hours.

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