Trial underway for 2nd suspect in UMass rape case

Opening statements held Wednesday in Justin King case

In this WWLP file image from 2012, Justin King is seen at left entering his arraignment at Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown on rape charges. Emmanuel Bile, who has already been convicted in connection with the case, is seen at right.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Opening statements were heard Wednesday for the second of four men accused of gang-raping a UMass college student in her dorm room two and a half years ago.

Prosecutors allege that back on October 13, 2012 then-18-year-old Justin King and three other young men forced themselves on an intoxicated and barely conscious freshman inside her dorm room.

“And his response was: ‘I don’t know, I was really drunk, I didn’t really care,’ and that’s what it comes down to,” prosecutor Jennifer Suhl said.

The victim’s friend said the four men invited themselves into her dorm that night. Karyssa Youngs told the jury she and her roommate were also in the victim’s dorm room, but left after putting her friend to bed; assuming King, Emmanuel Bile, Jr., Adam Liccardi, and Caleb Womack would also leave.

“She seemed like she was ready for bed. Her eyes were slowly closing, she was still slumped over and intoxicated,” Youngs said.

Youngs also said her friend was so intoxicated that night, King had to hold her up in her dorm room, while they were all in there talking. She said her friend did not say a word the entire time. She was slumped over her bed and did not open her eyes.

But they didn’t leave. Prosecutors said all four men repeatedly raped her for hours.

King’s attorney, Terrence Dunphy, told the jury that the victim waited two days to contact police, claimed to lose a cell phone, and had demanded money from the men the day after the rape.

“One of the first thing she does is communicate to Mr.Bile that him and others better come up with $500 for her,” Dunphy said.

Emmanuel Bile was the first of the four to stand trial. He was convicted of aggravated rape, and sentenced to 8 to 10 years in prison in April.

Witness testimony in Justin King’s rape trial continues Thursday

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