Three Rivers Fire Chief allegations reveal other complaints in district

Residents told 22News there's a much larger issue that this meeting just uncovered and it involves potential voter fraud.

THREE RIVERS, Mass. (WWLP) – Three Rivers is a small district of Palmer, but it has its own fire chief. There are some allegations against the Three Rivers Fire Chief, but only a few people know what they are.

Three Rivers Prudential Committee held a meeting Wednesday morning at 10 to “discuss the discipline or dismissal of, or complaints or charges brought against the Fire Chief.” The meeting only lasted minutes and none of the allegations against the chief were discussed.

Fire Chief Scott Turner wasn’t at the meeting, but his representative handed packets of information to the members of the Prudential Committee, which is like a town select board. They’re responsible for making decisions at the district’s water and fire departments.

Residents told 22News there’s a much larger issue that this meeting just uncovered and it involves potential voter fraud.

“There was a recent election here that’s there a lot of controversy about where the chairman of the prudential committee was challenged and there’s questions about that election because of the number of absentee ballots that were allowed,” said Stephen Marhelewicz, a business owner and supporter of Chief Turner.

The chairman he referenced is incumbent Raymond Domey. His challenger in the last election, Dennis Moynihan, wouldn’t do an interview on camera but told 22News the allegations against the chief are political. He said out of Domey’s 140 votes, 70 were absentee ballots. He and others in town believe the clerk gave absentee ballots out to Domey’s supporters, not knowing that was illegal. The supporters then canvassed door-to-door asking people to vote for Domey. Moynihan felt that was a high number of absentee ballots for a small district, and filed a complaint with the state.

22News called the Secretary of State’s election board. They confirmed with us they did receive a complaint and they’re seeking more information from the district.

These allegations are according to Moynihan. We tried speaking with Domey as he left the meeting. He said there was nothing to say, and refused to do an interview.

22News will continue to follow this story and update you as soon as we find out what the allegations against Chief Turner are and what the state finds in its investigation into the Prudential Committee chairman election.

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