Technology may be able to help fight childhood obesity

Apps help kids keep track of what they eat

(CNN) – Weight loss apps may offer help for children battling their weight. The Sanchez family says that was the case with their daughter, Alannah.

Deborah Sanchez, Alannah’s mother, said, “You try everything as a mom to make them healthy, healthy eating, we watched our portions, but she still seemed to increase in weight.”

They found a weight loss app that groups foods as either red, yellow or green. Children are taught to reduce the unhealthy “red” light foods over time.

Alannah said, “I’ve switched to smaller plates and I’ve switched to lighter cheese. You have to watch your portions a lot.”

According to Ann Dunaway The, a registered dietitian, said, “Weight loss apps are like a modern day food journal you can take them with you everywhere you go so they’re really convenient. Research has shown that by keeping track of your food and what you eat and drink makes you more mindful of it and therefore you’re more able to lose weight.”

If a child or family needs additional help, some apps offer coaching, usually at a fee.

Alannah is making great strides. “Now I’m more aware of what I’m going to eat.”

“It’s just really taken all of the fighting over food away from me. And all if have to do is guide her and remind her,” said Deborah.

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