Girls honored for saving friend

(CNN) – Three young girls were recognized for the bravery they showed in helping a friend who suffered a cardiac arrest.

Their friend, 12 year old Bella, was under cardiac arrest.  They knew she had an underlying heart condition and was already scheduled for heart surgery.

In the meantime another friend ran for help.  The effort to keep Bella alive as they waited for emergency responders continued.

Chris Perez was the dispatcher on the phone, “They were absolute rock stars they knew enough about where they were and they were really receptive to the instructions I gave them”

As the girls are recognized by the city of Redmond for their bravery and lifesaving effort they reflect on the moment they forgot about emotion and went to work.

Bella, doesn’t remember any of it but, she does know one thing, the emotions continued for the girls and their parents as they finally met Chris Perez.

The dispatcher who stayed calm, kept them calm and helped make sure Bella survived.

Nine days after the incident, Isabella underwent open heart surgery to replace a faulty heart valve.

She returned home later that week.

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