Boy’s lost stuffed tiger has an adventure at the airport

(Provided Photo/Tampa International Airport)

TAMPA, Fla. (WISH) — A six-year-old boy’s stuffed tiger had the adventure of a life-time, thanks to the staff at Tampa International Airport.

According to the airport, it all started with a frantic call to the lost and found department at TPA on Saturday morning. The boy named Owen was on his was to Houston when he realized he left his beloved tiger, Hobbes behind.

The mother called the airport hoping they could help locate Hobbes. Luckily staff members were able to locate Hobbes near the children’s play area. Hobbes was rushed to the airport operation center. That’s when all the fun began.

Staff members decided it would be great for Hobbes to check out the airport while he waited for his owner’s return.

(Provided Photo/Tampa International Airport)
(Provided Photo/Tampa International Airport) Click Here to view more photos>>

During his great adventure he toured the air traffic control tower, worked out at the gym, played Jenga with staff members and took a nap in a hammock by the Marriott pool the airport said.

His day was photographed so Owen could see all the adventures he had. The airport took the photos and made a hardbound book to give to the family.

The family told Owen that Hobbes was on an adventure, but they had no idea what the staff had actually done until they returned to TPA.

The mother said it was very sweet and it was nice to show Owen that Hobbes really was on an adventure.

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