AT&T intentionally slowed down your data

Now, they're facing hefty fines

(Flickr Commons/Mike Mozart)

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – AT&T is being slapped with a $100 million fine for offering customers unlimited data, then intentionally slowing their internet speeds after they hit a certain threshold. The FCC said the company misled consumers.

“I had to keep restarting my phone to get my signal back to use my data, over and over and over again, which is very frustrating at times,” said Chicopee resident and AT&T customer, Chad Nielsen.

So 22News went to a local AT&T for answers, but they redirected us to their corporate office. Corporate told NBC News they will “vigorously dispute” the decision, arguing they notified customers they’d slow down speeds.

22News asked AT&T customers, if they actually read the fine print and saw that notification in their contracts.

“I usually won’t read the contract because sometimes I feel like it’s pointless, but now after this entire situation, I feel like maybe I should,” said East Longmeadow resident and AT&T customer, Alyssa Shepard.

The FCC said AT&T engaged in “false” and “deceptive” advertising, and it wants the company to refund all of the affected customers.

The lawsuit is still working its way through federal court in California, but 22News will continue to follow the case and bring you any updates as soon as we have them.

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