Prices up for “National Lobster Day”

Price rise due to colder water temperatures and global competition

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s “National Lobster Day”, but it cost people more to celebrate this year than in years past.

This year, wholesale prices of lobster are up to $16: that’s $4 more than last year.

We spoke with Schermerhorn’s Seafood Owner Mike Fitzgerald who said prices can change each day, due to the catch. He said it’s all because of colder water temperatures and global competition.

Fitzgerald said, “With the cold winter, the lobster’s cold, and they’re not coming in as fast as you’d like to see it. Canadian market’s going to shut down on June 20th, which is going to put more demand on Maine.”

Some restaurants in Maine are buying “shedders,” or lobsters that recently molted their shells. They taste saltier and contain more water, but they’re cheaper.

The ocean will eventually warm up, and prices could stabilize later this summer.

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