New option at the pumps for Shell stations

Shell claims new gas will provide longer engine life and improved performance on roads

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You may have noticed a new type of gas at the pump at Shell gas stations.

It’s called Shell V-Power, Nitro-Plus. It’s a premium-plus gas, which means it’s also more expensive.

Shell claims the new gas will provide a longer engine life and improved performance on the roads. There hasn’t been any independent analysis of that just yet.

Some customers who use other types of premium fuel said they think it’s worth the higher price.

Bruce Cierpial of Chicopee said, “I would say that once they try it they’ll continue to use because it is good, it’s effective and it saves in the long run. Like the old saying, ‘Pay me now or pay me later’. So it’s well worth it.”

Others said with gas prices still close to $3, they were going to stick with what they always use: the regular, unleaded.

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