Small plane crash in New Hampshire

The passenger suffered burns on about 10% of his body

(NBC / WCSH) – Two men survived a small plane crash in eastern New Hampshire after trees broke their fall.

Their piper Cherokee plane went down in a wooded area after a quick touch down at an airfield in North Hampton.

Rescue crews say both men escaped the plane on their own, but they had to help one man, the passenger, get out of the area.

He suffered burns to about ten percent of his upper body and was flown to a Boston hospital.

The pilot walked away with facial injuries.

Lt. Jason Lajoie of the North Hampton Fire Dept. told WCSH: “it actually went through the trees, impacted the ground, but it seems like the trees actually broke its impact, which probably resulted in them not getting extremely severe injuries. So lucky, very lucky.”

Chief Michael Maddocks of the North Hampton police department told WCSH: “we had to go down a long driveway and from that driveway it’s about 150 yards into woods. And it was hard to find. That was part of the challenge – locating it at first, and because it is pretty thick in the woods.”

Police are not releasing the names of the men or information on the extent of their injuries.

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