Men’s Wearhouse founder has new business venture

(CNN) – It’s the voice and slogan burned into the American consciousness, “You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it”

But, in 2013 the face of the Men’s Warehouse was told by the board of the Men’s Warehouse, the company he created that his files and furniture were in storage.  But, Zimmer didn’t slink into the sunset.

Inside the old department store I. Magnin in downtown Oakland, Zimmer is unzipping a second act, “I thought, I don’t want after a forty year career, somebody else to write my retirement, I’d like to create my own retirement.”

This is his start-up, Ztailors, he calls it the Uber of tailoring, his second business and whole new fit.  Instead of starting with a single store, he’s got a whole fleet of tailors standing by on your smartphone.

The tailor comes to you, giving the old model a nip/tuck.

“It’s just inconvenient, so I try to buy things that fit,” said Susan Bauer.

There are billions of dollars of merchandise in the closets across America in need of tailoring.

There are 600 tailors so far, snipping, snapping and buttonholing, all with five years of experience, tested and background checked.  The startup already has a contract with Macys and Bloomingdales for their dot com business.

Bring technology together with what we used to consider an old fashioned business.  Zimmer thinks by sewing up a new market of sharp dressed men and women.

I think we spend more money maintain our cars than we do ourselves, maybe we should change that

He wants America, even the tech world, to look crisp again, though he won’t say the phrase he made famous.

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