Daytime shootings increasing fears in Springfield

The names of the victims from this weekend’s shootings have not been released

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Two more violent crimes in the city of Springfield this weekend. A 23-year old man was shot in the city’s North End, and a 53-year old woman was found shot in the stomach in her car.

For years, people in Springfield have dealt with shootings and violent crimes. But recently, one thing has started to change: the time of day the crimes happen.

On May 29th, a teen was shot in front of a Dunkin Donuts in Springfield’s South End in broad daylight.

Most recently, a shooting here in Springfield’s Lower Forest Park neighborhood brought the total number of homicides to 12 for the year, just 3 shy of last year’s total of 15 homicides in the city of Springfield. That shooting happened at 2pm, June 7th.

The city of Springfield along with the police department are working to change this.

Springfield City Councilor Tim Rooke said, “What we’re doing is we’re deploying police officers to areas where there are high crime stats, which is a better use of money and trying to be preventive in some cases.”

Rooke told 22News the idea behind deploying officers to certain communities is so they can build a relationship with the citizens in that area. In the past, people who live in a neighborhood where a crime happened have not wanted to cooperate with police.

Springfield resident Ken Marcelina told 22News he believes there’s more the city and police department could be doing. “Growing up here, seeing the way things are. That’s why the state steps in, the state police, because the city police, unfortunately, there’s more that just don’t do their job correctly, I feel.”

The names of the victims from this weekend’s shootings have not been released.

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