Some pushing for requirement for all school buses to have seat belts

$12,000 to retrofit all school buses in Massachusetts with seat belts

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EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) –  Seat belts are required in a car, but not in a school bus and some state lawmakers want a law that will require all school buses to be retrofitted with seat belts.

Parents told 22News, they like that idea. “If we’re required as parents to have our kids restrained in the vehicle, then they should be restrain with a seat belt in a school bus. There should not be a double standard,” said Robert Raymond or Northampton.

Parents and lawmakers who support a seat belt bill just want students to be safe while riding the school bus. However, a study conducted by the National Highway Safety Administration, seat belts didn’t necessarily improve safety when there were impacts to the front of the bus.

“I would imagine it would be a good investment to put those seat belts in as a separate issue from wanting to take care of those young people, but once again, that’s ineffective if you’re putting a lot of money toward something that’s not going to help those kids in the event of an accident,” said Erin Senghas-Kassis of Southampton.

The director of the School Transportation Association of Massachusetts said, it would cost about $12,000 to install seat belts on each school bus.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said, because school buses are so much heavier than cars, the force felt during an accident is significantly less on a bus than in a car.

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