Polymer clay switchplates & frames

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) You can use clay to add some flair to your frames and switchplates!  Amy Wasserman from Amycreates.com showed us how to use polymer clay

Tips for Polymer Clay Success:

  • Raid your kitchen for some GREAT tools:  toothpicks, wooden skewers, foil, parchment paper, cookie cutters, foil pans – IMPORTANT:  once you use these for polymer clay, they can no longer be used for food!!
  • Smooth ceramic tiles that have been glazed from building or flooring supply stores to bake clay on.
  • The big box craft stores carry enough materials to get started which includes student quality clay and tools (blade, needle tool, acrylic roller, bead rollers, bead baking trays etc.  I do NOT recommend the clay machines (aka pasta machines) from the big box stores.  If you want to invest in a quality pasta maker, go for one that is made in Italy.  Atlas Mercato are well known among polymer clay artists and can sometimes be found on ebay, craig’s list or tag sales.

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