‘Jurassic World’ opens in theaters with much fanfare

Bryce Dallas Howard, left, and Chris Pratt arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of "Jurassic World" at the Dolby Theatre on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

(MEDIA GENERAL) – After 14 years of waiting, dinosaurs are finally back on the big screen, and Jurassic Park fans (and Chris Pratt fans, too, for that matter) couldn’t be more excited for another chance to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The summer blockbuster has opened with much fanfare, from critics and eager moviegoers, alike.

Rolling Stone said, “’Jurassic World’ will scare the hell out of you, and not just for the obvious reasons.”

While The New York Post wrote, “Motorcycle, Chris Pratt, sprinting dinosaurs: If you require more than that out of a movie, you’re being unreasonable.”

Several Jurassic Park diehards couldn’t wait for the weekend and went to late-night screenings Thursday. Several of them took to social media to express their excitement about the film.

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