High tech gadgets could be perfect gifts this Father’s Day

The EGO Power+ could simplify the task of mowing the lawn

(NBC News) – Looking for a gadget gift for Father’s Day? If yard maintenance is the bane of dad’s existence, a new $100 device could eliminate guesswork in the garden.

“The Edyn smart gardening gadget is packed with sensors that keep tabs on how well your garden is growing,” said Jessica Dolcourt, Senior Editor for CNET. Its solar powered, Wi-Fi enabled and tracks specs like temperature, humidity and light intensity.

If the sensors show the lawn is drying out, an add-on smart valve can even water the plants for you!

If you’re willing to shell out some green to ‘go green’, the EGO Power+ could simplify the task of mowing the lawn.

“This is a $500 electric lawnmower that folds up and you never have to put in gas,” said Dolcourt. “You just plug it in to power it up.”

Whether dad is the grill master or a novice, the $40 iGrill mini could come in handy.

“You stick the probe end into the meat you connect to your android or iOS device using a Bluetooth connector that you can also adhere onto the side of the grill through a magnet,” said Dolcourt.

The smart thermometer sends a ping to your smartphone when the meat has reached the desired temperature.

If you want to splurge on a high tech barbeque, there’s the $7,500 Lynx luxury grill.

“It is voice activated, it is Wi-Fi enabled and you can talk to it,” said Dolcourt. “You can say ‘cook my steak’ and it will!”

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