Social services work together to curb teen drinking

They took a theatrical approach to the message

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Concerned Springfield teenagers teamed up with the Gandara Center social service agency Saturday. They’re working together in their attempt to curb drinking and drug abuse among young people.

The teenagers are from the nearby Martin Luther King Community Center. They’re part of a program called Lead By Example, and leading is what they did Saturday at the Rebecca Johnson Community School.

They took a theatrical approach to driving home a vital message about making the right choices.

Stephan Heathman Guidry from the MLK Jr. Community Center told 22News, “We did a skit; father left home, and he could choose to take the right path and not do drugs and a bad life choice.”

The young people involved in the anti-drug and alcohol program work with the Stop Access coalition of social service agencies.

Gustavo Acosta of Stop Access said, “We go to schools every two year with a survey, ask about 100 questions about how they connect with their community. Then follow their family, and how they get exposed to drinking and use of substance abuse.”

That survey, designed to find out how many kids are at risk, posed the questions to every 8th, 10th and 12th grader enrolled in Springfield public schools.

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