O’Malley targets Clinton in 2016

His record will be seen in a new light in his uphill battle

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(CNN) – Martin O’Malley is the latest candidate to announce a bid for the white house. The former Maryland governor was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential race. Now, the two are competing for the same job, president of the United States.

This man strumming ‘hail to the chief’ is Martin O’Malley, and he wants to be president. He’s a musician and former Maryland governor ready to go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton.

Martin O’Malley told CNN, “right now our country is in a fight for the future of the American dream and I am drawn to that fight.”

On a recent visit to New Hampshire, he acknowledged he’s hardly a household name. There was a woman over there who said, gosh, I thought you were the governor of South Carolina, do you start this race having to introduce yourself to a lot of people? “Sure, I start this race as a new face to a lot of people and somebody totally unknown to most, which is the same way i started when I ran for city council or state senate or mayor,” O’Malley.

His time as mayor of Baltimore is now in the spotlight, given the violence and protests in the city. He talked about it with CNN’s Jake tapper.

Jake Tapper: Do you shoulder any of the blame? Are you responsible for it at all?

Martin O’Malley: “We’re all responsible. I was responsible when i decided to run for mayor in 1999 and told people across the city, vote for me and together we will not only improve policing of our streets, improves policing of our police.”

His record will be seen in a new light in his uphill battle to knock off the democratic front-runner.

“History is full of examples where the inevitable front-runner was inevitable right up until she was no longer or he was no longer inevitable,” said O’Malley.

This year, he’s been sharply critical of Clinton. “The presidency is not some crown to be past between two families,” said O’Malley.

It’s a different tune from eight years ago, when he was one of her biggest fans. “It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I endorse my friend senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next president of the United States,” said, O’Malley. “I could not be prouder than to have his endorsement,” said Hillary Clinton

Those old bonds, now broken, as he seeks to stop her presidential bid.

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