Disaster safety devices evolving with extreme weather

Even social media can help in a disaster

(NBC) June 1st is the official start of hurricane season and parts of the country are already dealing with extreme weather.

Home safety technology continues to evolve.

Devices like Nest Protect & Piper can monitor heat and moisture levels in your home and alert you of any changes.

A company called Halo is developing a smart smoke detector that gives tornado and other hazard alerts. The smoke detector can last a week without power and allows users to adjust alert settings through an app.

If a large scale emergency strikes your area, Facebook activates a feature called “safety check” to let your contacts know you’re okay.

Of course, to access these apps, your phone has to stay charged. A car battery can charge smaller devices during a power outage if you have the right cables.

Experts also suggest keeping a hand-crank radio handy to stay informed in the case you lose cell phone reception.

An old, decommissioned cell phone can also be used to make an emergency call, even if it doesn’t have service. There are also free apps from FEMA and The Red Cross to get valuable information and emergency alerts.

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