Another black widow spider found in grapes

The grapes were a product of Mexico

Photo Courtesy: WXYZ

(CNN/ WXYZ) – For a second time in about a week, someone has found a black widow in a bag of grapes. Reports came out on Wednesday that a woman in Vermont was bitten by a spider. Now, another black widow scared two people in Michigan.

At first glance this looks like a photo of seedless red grapes. But look closely and you’ll see a spider – a spider that appears to be a black widow.

Alexis gentile was eating the grapes with her brother when they noticed it. I took a picture of it because it was so large, but when a flash went off we noticed the red of the underbelly and we were pretty sure it was a black widow,” said Gentile.

Alexis killed the spider, held on to it and drove down to the Kroger in Commerce Township where she bought the grapes. “The manager was very helpful and very friendly,” said Gentile.

The grapes were a product of Mexico. Kroger promised to follow up with the situation and contact the supplier.

When we contacted the grocery store chain they told us that they are relieved Alexis was not harmed by the spider and thankful she made them aware of the incident. They told us as suppliers make the move to reduce pesticides, there is a chance of this type of thing happening.

Meanwhile Alexis just wants others be careful. She also says she’d buy the grapes again, from the same location. “It’s important to rinse them thoroughly. Even though we rinsed them we didn’t see it,” said Gentile.

As far as eating seedless red grapes again, “I’d absolutely buy them again and I’d shop at that same location again,” said Gentile

Black widow bites can cause some muscle pain. But health officials say most victims recover in three to four days. The case in Vermont involved a different grocery chain.

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