Man pays for drive-thru order with pot

(CNN) – Two fast food employees in Washington State are looking for new jobs after they were fired after video taken at a drive-thru reportedly showed them trading burger meals for a hit of marijuana.

When marijuana proponent Jonah Tacoma went for burgers he didn’t pay with dollars, he paid with a dab, which is concentrated marijuana.

It did happened in April. A month later he posted the video on you tube, it’s gone viral.

“We were going through the drive-thru and when we were done ordering I offered to pay with dab instead of cash and she said yeah sure we started filming when we pulled up,” said Tocoma.

That drive thru was Frugals on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.  The employees that took the hits were fired after a customer notified the drive thru’s manager the day the video was posted online.  Both employees had worked at Frugals for roughly two and half years.

In a statement, the Port Angeles based chain says “Frugals has a zero tolerance drug policy in the workplace, and we in no way condone the type of conduct captured.”

And went on to say, “How very unfortunate that the media has chosen to spotlight and sensationalize this incident”

But Jonah says the employees told him to hold back from posting it online for a week, he held back for a month.

“You can see there were a couple of other people that decided to abstain in loo of losing their jobs I think,” Tocoma continued.

A dab is a concentrated form of marijuana, hash oil, that is not illegal to smoke in Washington, but it is illegal to smoke it in public and behind the wheel.

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