James Holmes regrets the Colorado shooting

Mental health expert testified that Holmes was sane

(CNN) – Now we’re getting to the crux of the trial.  Was James Holmes insane when he opened fire inside a crowded movie theater on July 20th of 2012? The judge in this case ordered two mental evaluations of Holmes before the trial to help answer that question.

The second evaluation just happened last year. Performed by a Doctor William Reid at the Colorado Mental Health Institute. He told jurors that he concluded Holmes was sane at the time of the shooting.

Dr. Reid spent a total of nine sessions with Holmes, some 22 hours. It was all videotaped, and the prosecution just started showing some of that video to the jurors. In it, we hear Dr. Reid ask homes about his childhood, about his upbringing, about his relationship with his parents, and how he was as a student.

We haven’t heard yet any questioning about the shooting itself, but here is an excerpt of the interview where Dr. Reid ask Holmes about his time in jail and about a visit by his parents.

Dr. Reid: “Emotional for them?”

Holmes: “Yeah.”

Dr. Reid: “How did they show the emotion, do you remember? Sometimes moms break down a bit.”

Holmes: “My lawyer said she broke down when she was leaving. But she held up pretty well.  The visit wasn’t going well.”

Dr. Reid: “How about you, did you get a tear in your eye?”

Holmes: “Nope.”

Dr. Reid: “Do you ever get tears in your eyes?”

Holmes: “Yeah sometimes.”

Dr. Reid: “What brings tears to your eyes sometimes?”

Holmes: “Just regrets.”

Dr. Reid: “Regrets. Can you tell me a little more?”

Holmes: “Usually it’s before I go to sleep.”

Dr. Reid: “Regrets about?”

Holmes: “About the shooting.”

That video was from July 30, 2014; so more than two years after the shooting.  Also important to know that Dr. Reid told jurors Holmes was on medications at the time of their interview.  He was on anti-depressants as well as anti-psychotic medication.

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