CW shows up big on EW’s TV Season Finale Awards

(CW) – The votes have been tallied and your voices have been heard! Entertainment Weekly did a poll for which TV shows went out on a high or low note for the 2015 Season Finale Awards.

Here are where the CW ended up:

For “Best (Presumed) Death or Exit” Eddie Thawne from The Flash won getting 36.2% of the vote while the much talked about exit of Elena Gillbert from The Vampire Diaries came in at number two with 28% of the vote.

“Best Romantic Cliffhanger” went to Arrow by a landslide vote, Oliver and Felicity leaving Starling City had fans on the edge of what is going to happen next. Arrow got the vote by 53%, coming in at number two was Scandal‘s Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald coming in at only 12.61% of the vote.

Fans seemed to really wonder what happened to Mystic Falls for the “Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger” 28.47% of the vote went to The Vampire Diaries. Coming in at number two was Supernatural at 18.36% and Mateo being kidnapped on Jane The Virgin came in at number four with 13.96% of the vote.

Arrow came in on top again for “Unforgettable Line” with 41.18% of the vote with Oliver saying simply “I’m happy.” Damon’s line “Heads it is” on The Vampire Diaries came in at number three with 15.06% of the vote.

Jane The Virgin came in at number four for “Best Serious Moment in a Comedy” with the much anticipated birth. The Big Bang Theory took first.

“Funniest Moment in a Drama” was given to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D but coming in third was when Castiel didn’t have Crowley in his contact list on Supernatural.

The Vampire Diaries came in a landslide with 49.13% vote for “Best ‘Shipper Moment” with Stefan saying he’ll wait for Caroline. Coming in sixth place was the reconciliation between Mary and Francis on Reign.

“Best Twist” saw The Originals on the list coming in at number four with Esther being resurrected getting 11.71% of the vote.

Arrow again made it on top with “Twist You Saw Coming From A Mile Away.” The twist: Thea is Red Arrow receiving 42.37%.

“Best Fight (Physical or Verbal)” went again to none other than Arrow with the fight between Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul. Coming in a close second was The Flash’s fight with The Reverse Flash on The Flash.

The Flash came out on top with 32.08% of the vote for “Top Tissue Moment” for the scene when Barry lets his mom die. Coming in second was Elena’s goodbyes on The Vampire Diaries with 19.27% of the vote.

The CW showed up big in the category of “Best Use Of Music” with The 100 coming in first with 37.76% of the vote, while The Originals followed in fourth and Jane The Virgin coming in sixth.

The top three spots for “Most Rewound Moment” went to CW shows. In first from The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Elena dancing came in at 40.86%, followed by Oliver choosing Felicity in Arrow with 25.49% and at number three Clarke saying goodbye to Bellamy in The 100 at 18.09%.

For “Biggest Regret That I Didn’t Watch Live” The 100 came in first place with 35.6% and in third was The Vampire Diaries.

And what shocked us the most was in the category “Most Likely To Earn Someone an Emmy Nomination” Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez didn’t make the list! But we did see a familiar name on the list – coming in at number two Nina Dobrev for her work on The Vampire Diaries. We’ve thought that before!

We were happy to see that for almost every category – a different CW show was represented! Check out the full list again here.

And even though this shows won’t be back until fall – there is still great TV on The CW Springfield all summer long!

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